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Lost in Play trailer

Lost in Play trailer

Lost in Play is a game about a brother and sister, living alone on the outskirts of society, on their journey through imaginary and surreal landscapes.

Distracted in their play, the children lose their way and the journey back home begins.

On their way they encounter magical and magnificent creatures such as a horned beast, a giant stork, magical seaweed, friendly frogs, travelling goblins and many more.



Twitter- "Wow I can't believe this is a game! I thought I was watching a show for the first few seconds" 

Reddit- "This looks like a mix of one of my favourite childhood games mixed with something from Cartoon Network - I absolutely love the look of it! :D" 

Facebook- "Wow. This looks (and sounds) awesome. Would love to play this together with my family." 

A short gameplay footage

Happy Juice is a newly-formed studio based in Tel Aviv, focusing on quests and adventure games with high quality of graphics, animation and game design.

Oren Rubin 

Art & Animation

10+ years experience in animation in games and tv productions.

Former art director at Moon Active games

Alon Simon 

Art & Animation

10+ years experience in animation in games and tv productions.

Former animator and designer at IronSource

Yuval Markovich


12+ years experience developing games.

Co-founder Nitako games

The Office Quest

Our previous game, in collaboration with 11sheep


Released on iOS, Google Play (2017), Nintendo Switch (2019) and Steam, over 4 million downloads, featured on iOS and Google Play, finalist in Google Indie Contest

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